21st Kinshasa Golf Open

The BCDC, official sponsor of the event

As usual, the Banque Commerciale Du Congo sponsors the 21st edition of the International Golf Fans Tournament, which runs from May 24th to May 26th of the year.
A popular event for golf lovers, this tournament attracts many audiences, among which players from Katanga / Lubumbashi province are the most anticipated.
Golf remains a sport of precision playing outdoors, which involves sending a ball into a hole with the help of clubs. The goal of the game is to perform, on a defined course, the least possible shots.
Precision, endurance, technicality, concentration are essential qualities for this activity.
The BCDC has always reserved excellent prizes for the best at the end of each competition. This year also, it will not deviate in any way with the aim of promoting this discipline in the Democratic Republic of Congo.