ACB: Banks Report Highly Positive and Important Results in 2018

Banks are a keystone of tomorrow’s economy and human development. It is Yves Cuypers, the current president of the Congolese Association of Banks (ACB) who said it at the annual dinner of banks of the DRC held Friday, February 8 at the Kinshasa sports circle restaurant, Les Gourmands.

2018 will have been an exceptional vintage for at least two reasons: First, the uncertainties at the beginning of the year, in economic, monetary and political terms, proved to be in vain. Second, the banking sector has benefited from such good performance indicators, probably over the last 25 years.

“If the banking sector was profitable last year, it is obviously an excellent thing for the sector and for the country, says the President of the ACB.It is a cause of pride, certainly. must avoid certain fundamental questions facing the sector in terms of challenges. ” concluded Yves Cuypers.