ACB Mission to the United States

Yves Cuypers: “ACB’s approach was unanimously appreciated by all our interlocutors, especially as it is exceptional”
On Wednesday, July 03, 2019, the Congolese Association of Banks organized its first press conference of the year, during which it made restitution of its work mission from June 10 to 12, in Washington and New York. in the United States of America.
During this mission, the leaders of the Association met with the heads of the Department of Commerce, the State Department and the US Treasury as well as the team of Citibank in charge of international sanctions.
According to Yves Cuypers, President of the ACB and Head of the delegation: “The aim of the ACB was to exchange with its interlocutors on the issue of the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism” .
It appears that the interlocutors of the ACB have confirmed their willingness to accompany the Congolese government in the implementation of reforms that promote the development of the state and good governance and to provide the ACB, technical assistance adequate.
The ACB intends to do everything possible, in close collaboration with the BCC and CENAREF to preserve the national financial system.