The BCDC Banking Academy meets the learning vision of excellence by large scale of the programs put in place.    

Thus, the Management Committee and the Board intend to bring out future talents, necessary to an efficient and long lasting development of BCDC, while instilling into the Company’s veins the culture of excellence.

The program content 

The 8 months training program includes several modules, each of them split between theoretical course and internships within departments and branches of the Bank. Each module is attested by exams whose success depends on the completion of the training.

Its objective is to develop technical, linguisti, human and behavioural skills while dealing with all positions and activities of the Bank.

On completion of the program

The signature of a permanent employment contract is subject to the graduation at the end of the above mentioned training. 

Being confident in what they learnt in the BCDC Banking Academy, the academics feel ready to deal with the Bank realities and give back to the BCDC what the BCDC has given them.