BEF Awards 2018, BCDC wins Good Governance Award in a degraded context

The editorial staff of Business & Finance (BEF) has unveiled the names of the companies and personalities that have been designated as “Best of the Year” 2018.

Congo Commercial Bank (BCDC) wins the Good Governance Award in a degraded context. Through this award, the jurors wanted to honor the leaders of this bank for their efforts of resilience and good governance.
Indeed, the jury has taken into account the fact that the BCDC has a major asset, rare in our country: competence, conscientiousness and rigor as a principle of good governance.
It is this culture that characterizes the management and management of this bank, explained Pascal Kinduelo Lumbu, Chairman of the Board of BCDC.
When asked about this, Yves Cuypers, Director General of the Bank answered on these terms: “The BCDC plays the game of the Congolese economy and the Congolese, that is why the contractors of the DRC must not hesitate to s’ address to BCDC. They will join us in the virtuous circle of trust and growth, “he concluded.