Term deposit

It works by freezing a specific amount of money during a period of time agreed in advance between you and the bank. The return of the savings depends on the length of the period: the longest term your money remains frozen, the better return you enjoy.

Opérations :

✓Account available in CDF, USD and EUR

✓Withdrawals: by transfers from an account to another (from the term account to the current account)

✓Deposits: by transfers from an account to another (from the current account to term account)

✓Interest payments following the frequency chosen by the client


Avantages :

Earnings based on an attractive rate

✓No fee

Option to obtain immediate funding from the pledge provided by the term deposit

✓When due, option to automatically renew and capitalise the interests or to pay the capital and the interests into a current account

It generates an attractive interest rate.

Thanks to term deposit, your money is secured, you make your money growing over an agreed timeframe and you benefit from a secure remuneration. The term deposit allows you also to anticipate your future projects: property purchase, retirement …

Opening conditions