Conference-debate on governance in the banking sector

Mr. Yves Cuypers: “BCDC has had a long history of raising awareness of risk and complying with corporate governance standards”

From March 18 to 20, 2019, Banque Commerciale Du Congo participated in the scientific work centered on “Political Geography by Qualitative Methods”. Essay of the coconstruction-academies-cited research rooted in the empirical reality “in the hall of Promotions Mgr. Luc Gillon from the University of Kinshasa Campus.

On this occasion, Mr. Yves Cuypers, Director General of the BCDC held his address on governance in the banking sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Two themes were then developed, namely, on the one hand the need for the DRC banking sector to be part of a banking governance framework that must rise to the level of the best international standards.

On the other hand, this governance is overseen by the Central Bank of Congo and must ensure that the solvency of the sector is reduced as much as possible by strengthening the solvency and liquidity criteria in order to protect the Congolese financial system and savings.

He then made some recommendations among others:
Greater transparency in the publication of financial statements to strengthen solvency
Compliance with international standards to ensure and defend the sector’s place in the international financial system, which is essential for the country’s economic development
Finally, the reinforcement of the judicial framework without which no lasting evolution will be possible

For the success of this important doubly scientific and recreational activity whose objectives help the public to access the experiments more easily, 800 students from the universities and institutes of the place took part. The aim was to reconcile academic theories with the professional practices of banking governance in the context of the DRC.

After a very didactic and pedagogical presentation on the principles of banking governance, Yves Cuypers, an enthusiast of the field, gave himself up to the question and answer game in front of an audience composed of both academics (teachers-researchers …) and heads of public and private enterprises.

This three-day work ended with a presentation of the original texts in front of a public and a jury by the students among whom three best were awarded.

An initiative of the Observatoire de la Gouvernance (O.G.), these meetings will be organized from now on, every year in March, followed by an evening of eloquence with the help of students.

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