Company Account

To contact your commercial adviser : +243(0) 99 60 18 000

Do you wish to open a BCDC Company account?

It is really easy!

The Commercial Bank Of Congo will accompany you with products and services that you need for the development of your company.


  • Perform all your transactions online via BCDC NET, our client e-banking platform.
  • Benefit from various means of payments connected to BCDC current account (cheques, transfer order, commercial bill, CORPORATE MASTERCARD, …).
  • Option to obtain a daily statement of your transactions.
  • Receive your mail at the bank in your BCDC mailbox

Term Deposit

Do you, occasionally or recurrently, have cash surplus? Benefit from a higher interest-earning on your cash surplus by keeping it in a distinct account separated from your main operating current account.


Your company experiences regular or more recurrent cash lags? Do you require a financial support to maintain your operating cycle? The Commercial Bank Of Congo offers you a short-term credit adapted to your company specific needs. You can choose from:

  • Overdraft facility

  • Overdraft

  • Discount

  • Dedicated short-term credit (cash advance on invoices, seasonal credit, …)


Your loan amount, duration, repayment terms will be tailored to your needs and to your repayment capacity.

We go far beyond the bank credit. Do you want to finance a project? Would you like to consolidate your vehicle fleet? Do you wish to invest in new premises? The Commercial Bank Of Congo uses its unique expertise to assist you both in the long and short term.


The Commercial Bank of Congo provides you with a comprehensive overview to finance your activities in the international trade, secure your trading exchanges in order to realize the development projects of your company whether import or export. You can choose from:

  • Documentary credit

  • Standby letter of credit

  • International bank guarantee

  • Pledges and financial guarantees

Opening conditions