The BOSOMI Savings Account

It allows you to easily save to secure the future of your children. With no management fee, BOSOMI costs you nothing but brings you a lot more!


Opérations :

✓Account available in CDF and in USD

Deposit: by cash credit on the Bosomi account

Withdrawals: by direct withdrawal from the Bosomi account (using a nominative slips book)

✓Interest income payment at the end of the year

Option to change the Bosomi account into a current account or into an Eléphant account once the accountholder reaches the age of majority

Avantages :

✓Interest-earning savings account with no time commitment

No account management fee

✓Free annual statement

✓No minimum balance

✓Free cash payments and withdrawals

A saving in complete freedom in Congolese Francs or Dollars

Especially tailor made for children, this savings account doesn’t require their parents or guardian to have any current account in BCDC. Nonetheless, should you have a current account withBCDC, you will be in a position to combine both Elefanto and Bosomi accounts. BOSOMI account is free of charge.

Opening conditions