Elephant Savings Account

It allows you to enjoy interest-earning savings, available at any time. This savings account can be set up in Congolese Francs, Euros or US Dollars.

Opérations :

Deposits: by transfer from one account to another (from the current account to the savings account)

Withdrawals: transfers from one account to another (from the savings account to the current account)

✓Interest income payment at the end of the year

Avantages :

Set up of an interest-earning savings account with no time commitment

No account management fees

No balance limit or ceiling

✓Funding the Savings account via the current account at the branch or remotely via BCDC Net or BCDC Mobile

No transfer fee (from the current account to the savings account and vice-versa)

✓Free annual statement

Save to achieve your own projects.

Currencies saved in BCDC are net of taxes, it is a savings account for everybody, regardless to one’s level of income. It is a totally secured, fully available and it allows you to save fruitfully in anticipation of your projects (property purchase, school fees …) or to cope with unexpected situations.

Opening conditions