Financial Institutions & Banks

BCDC aims to serve with competence, speed and efficiency its important institutional clients, being:

  • international lenders,
  • European Union,
  • important international NGO,
  • Governmental projects financed by the World Bank, the African Development Bank and other lenders,
  • the Ministries,
  • the State financial institutions,
  • the Embassies,
  • Banks located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Banking services with high added value:

  • a team exclusively dedicated to those institutional operators active in Congo,
  • a unique network of branches in Democratic Republic of Congo to channel the financial flows coming from abroad,
  • products of optimized cash management,
  • change of currency (EUR/USD/CDF) and international transactions,
  • provision of liquid assets in USD, EUR and CDF,
  • secure Internet Banking services (BCDC Net),
  • access to the big international financial markets.

Opening conditions