Kinshasa Digital Week 2019: BCDC confirms its vision of a bank of the future

From 12 to 13 April 2019, Banque Commerciale Du Congo sponsored the 2nd edition Kinshasa Digital Week organized at the Salon Congo PullMan Hotel in Kinshasa.
Around the theme, “Make the future your own,” the participants exchanged on the issues of the digitization of operations and especially how to promote access to digital, on a large scale.
On this occasion, Mr. Bobo Makunda, Head of Organization and Information Management of the BCDC, recalled from the top of his platform, the major interest that the Bank gives to technological innovation, the meeting of the future. Indeed, the technological challenge covers e-banking, digital banking, electronic banking, new payment instruments, the new players that are telecoms … it is fundamental, in this highly competitive globalized context, to bring our attention to five or ten years and ask us the question of our banking offer.

It should be remembered that this edition has given a prominent place to digital solutions for start-ups and incubators, like PULL UP Women Business, a branch of the National Commission for Women Entrepreneurs, which is an entity in its own right. the Federation of Enterprises of Congo, Partner of the Commercial Bank of Congo