The birth of Banque du Congo Belge. As a public limited company, it carried out most of its activities in Central Africa.
BCB obtains for the Belgian Congo the privilege of emission which it will preserve for more than 40 years.
Congo becomes a sovereign state. The Banque du Congo Belge contributes its European activities to the Banque Belgo- Congolaise April 14th in Brussels. In 1965 it becomes known as Belgolaise, a shareholder alongside the Congolese state and private partners of the Congolese bank known at the time as Banque Commerciale Du Congo. For a few years it would be called Banque Commerciale Zaïroise.
The collapse of the country's economy and the long civil war forced the bank to reduce its size to a level compatible to its activities.
Taking advantage of the improved socio-political climate and the subsequent economic upturn, BCDC redeployed its network throughout the country and adapted its sales organization to meet new needs of its clients. BCDC became a bank of reference in the DRC, active throughout the country.
The Democratic Republic of Congo celebrates 50 years of its independence and BCDC became a centenary bank. In this context it remained the leading financial player with multiple assets.
In a difficult economic context, BCDC followed a cycle of its activities opposite to that experienced by the Congolese economy. By year end 2016 it earned $ 11 million US dollars before tax making it the highest result made the last 15 years.