The Commercial Bank Of Congo has a deep understanding of the Congolese economic environment. It knows and shares the funding needs of the main economic players by providing them through recognized competence tailor made solutions. As such, BCDC appears as one of the more active contributor in funding the local economy. BCDC continuously adapts its offer of products to appropriately match new needs of an emerging economy. This centenary Bank differentiates itself for its controlled development.

A reference Bank

Since 1909, the BCDC is the leading Bank in the Democratic Republic of Congo with a total balance sheet on 31/12/2016 of USD 635.8 million and a contribution on the economic funding up to USD 314.2 million.

Four business lines

To efficiently meet the requirements of the various types of clients, BCDC is commercially organized in four business lines: Corporate & Investment Banking – Financial Institutions & Banks – Retail Banking – Private Banking.

A successful network of 29 Branches

BCDC maintains and develops a network of 29 Branches spread throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo to sustain its clients in the areas of economic growth.

Quality governance

The Bank performs strict and rigorous corporate governance in order to ensure a balance between the dynamics of the entrepreneurial spirit, risk management and the monitoring of its operations.

A century of experience

Being a Bank of reference in the Democratic Republic of Congo and heir of a long tradition of business ethics, the BCDC is a reference Bank which has operated in the banking sector over a century.

Valuable Banker and Financial Adviser

BCDC is the Banker and the Financial Adviser of prime clients: big Congolese and international corporate, institutional players, successful SME/SMI, traders and active professionals in the formal sector of the economy, along with private individuals, companies and State agents.

A significant human capital

On 31st December 2017, the Bank employed 551 collaborators, a significant human capital capable of responding to the client’s development.

32 Western Union branches
As a Western Union partner for the money transfer business, BCDC has 32 wickets in the country.
A Bank with consolidated values

BCDC supports an ethical approach which includes a range of essential values: Integrity – Loyalty – Objectivity – Confidentiality – Frankness – Honesty – Transparency.