World Earth Day

The BCDC raises awareness about the urgency of keeping our environment healthy.

The Commercial Bank of Congo has teamed up with the NGO Ong Logos 1 and Green Team Network around the interpellative word: “The road is not a trash”, to educate motorists on the urgency to keep our environment healthy. This activity is part of the International Mother Earth Day, celebrated every 22 April.
“We started by raising the awareness of road users because there are people who throw waste without knowing the proper place to dump their waste,” said Jeannette Bosingizi.
For Alice Buyle, BCDC Marketing Manager, “The Bank has always been an educator when it comes to addressing societal issues. Health is a major part of our fight for nature conservation.
On this occasion, Bank staff traveled the Boulevard du 30 juin, flyers in hand to raise awareness of road users on this issue of global interest.